Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Producer, Author, Spokesperson, Philanthropist

Storytelling seems to be a running theme in the life of Mariah Huq. From her start producing daily news stories for a Chattanooga television station, to creating, producing and starring the Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine  there’s no question that Mariah is truly following a defined path, A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mariah graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a double major in business and communications. However, it would be the media world that would give Mariah her first job out of college.

Starting her career with WRCB-TV, the local NBC affiliate in Chattanooga, she learned the ropes of storytelling through long hours and hard work. Beginning as an associate producer, she eventually worked her way up to hosting and producing the lifestyle show Trends on 3.

After five years with the station, she moved to Atlanta and decided to take a different path in her career. Leaping into the high pressure world of medical sales, she held positions with Pfizer and LMA Worldwide. Starting another chapter in her own story, she married Dr. Aydin Huq, a native of Bangladesh, and had two children, Lauren and Ethan. Inspired by her own multicultural marriage and family, she saw a niche in the market for children of multicultural families, and joined forces with sister Lake to start Jewel and Jem.  Now Mariah’s is beginning a new chapter of entrepreneurship with the launch of her Boutique and Cafe, Sleek. Sleek gives women a delightful experience of shopping for chic dresses, sipping wines, and eating delicious desserts and pastries. 

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SLEEK, Mariah gives focus to the company’s overall product strategy.  With a background in media and keen business acumen, Mariah drives the company’s bottom line with her determination to succeed and instinct for what works.

Growing the company and driving the vision is what Mariah holds dear to her heart. The company is based on Mariah’s experience of shopping for sleek and unique dresses while conducting business and filming on BravoTV. 

 Mariah found it difficult to find sleek dresses, business wear, and exquisite desserts in her community. It is this unique experience that has given life to the brand that is SLEEK Boutique and Cafe, and what drives this COO to succeed. Mariah’s  efforts has given the company a platform for their unique vision of providing women with quality products, an array of wines and desserts in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere.

The company works with the Ryan Cameron Foundation and the Brian Jordan Foundation. Mariah was also a featured guest speaker at the 2011 SHE Expo for Women, the largest women’s conference in the South. Mariah has also been featured in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and on 3 Plus You, a lifestyle show on WRCB-TV. She produces and stars in the Bravo reality hit Married to Medicine.